Pray For The Nations of People, Inc.
Founder & President: Prophetess Marilyn Robert                               

Prophetess Marilyn Robert





“Prophetess Marilyn Robert Bio”


 Prophetess Marilyn Robert was called and ordain in her mother’s womb as a Prophet of God; She is a Commander in the Army of the Lord, she carries a militant anointing that bring deliverance and restoration to God’s people, she is an Apostolic Prophetic vessel that governs the sound of heaven into the earth realm, God uses her to shift atmosphere and to usher the presence of God into the earth. Prophetess Marilyn Robert carries a strong apostolic spirit she is mandated by God to discern the patterns and design of the church, that the church in the earth may look and function like Jesus Christ. She carries a Kingdom mandate to utilize Kingdom Prophetic teaching, her motivated teaching ignites, develop and capture the attention of all her hearer. Prophetess Marilyn Robert apostolic prophetic voice has been heard in other nations, she was granted an award for outstanding outreach in Central America Belize. The anointing on her life has opened doors for her in the cities in the USA, partnering with senior church leaders to release strategies that advance the Kingdom of God in their territory. She has conducted schools of the Prophet and Intercessors, teaching them to understand the prophetic side of God. She is the Founder and President of “Pray for the Nations of People, Inc.” This ministry was birthed out of the heart of God 11-29-1998; we are a people of prayer for all 194 Countries & Overseas Territories & Dependencies Islands. We are appointed to expose and eradicate the work of Satan in the foreign mission fields, and to pave the way for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached to the end of the earth. October 2003 the voice of the Lord spoke to Prophetess Marilyn Robert to raise up His Army “The Jesus Military Forces Academy”. This school is an interactive Apostolic Prophetic Militant Academy. Our format is equipping God's Apostolic Prophetic Warriors from all over the world, to develop their calling and destiny with personalized Apostolic Prophetic training and mentorship. It was God’s prophetic word that quickened Prophetess Marilyn Robert to arise and hear the Lord regarding the country of Haiti on October 12, 2007 “Pray for the Nations Haiti, Inc”. This ministry is design to tear down the demonic alters and establishes the Kingdom of God in the country of Haiti. Prophetess Marilyn Robert served in the Haiti Earthquake Relief Mission in 2010 and she received an award of recognition of Kingdom Ministry from the Ambassador of Haiti. Prophetess Marilyn Robert serves as the Chief Intercessor at “The Center for Manifestation” under the Leader Apostle Mark T. Jones. Her first ministry is Parenting, she is the mother of 3 beautiful gifted children Clifford, Brionca and Issachar , this ministry has help me to be who I am today, a mother (GOD’S WOMEN SERVANT)

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